Friday, November 7, 2008

Software developers say smart grid is smart biz

VC investors, utilities and tech startups told Portland's clean tech community last night that the smart grid represents a larger opportunity for software companies than the Internet. With just about every aspect of modern life becoming electrified, be it our cars, health care system or server farms, and limited resources to produce the juice, utilities and consumers are demanding new devices and software for controlling the electric grid.

That means building smart appliances that interact with the grid and a grid that knows how to talk back, as well as control centers that allow for visualization, training and optimization, similar to systems already used by Internet giants.

The smart grid needs "all sorts of things that the folks at Google and Cisco and Qualcomm know all about but have really been applied very rarely to the power grid," said Jesse Berst, managing director of GlobalSmartEnergy at a smart grid forum held by the Clean Tech Alliance.

Business opportunities lie within every step of transmission along the electric grid from producers to consumers. Now, if utilities would only go along with it...

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