Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Biggest EVER solar array EVER

OK. So everyone's reporting that PGE is installing a 1.1MW solar array on a ProLogis distribution center in Northeast Portland -- the BIGGEST EVER in the Northwest. The problem is, I get press releases every other month that say the "BIGGEST" solar array in _____ (fill in the blank). That's cool. But what I want to know is how is this better/ different and not just BIGGER? Toyota just completed a 2.3MW installation on its auto parts distribution center in California that covers 242,000 square feet. The ProLogis array will cover 328,000 square feet with about half of the generating capacity. Solar Integrated Technologies manufactured PGE's solar panels, but the Toyota panels are from SunPower. Is the lower capacity/ sq.ft. due to the technology or the environment?

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