Monday, February 25, 2008

Oregon's Dead Zone

I'm anticipating the Oregon Wave Energy Trust to release a report soon outlining what research the state needs to tackle first to determine the effects of wave energy parks on ocean life.

Oregon's migrating gray whales will also be concerned with the results of the report, I'm sure. I was amazed to learn on a visit to the Hatfield Marine Science Center that scientists still have no idea, for example, where exactly whales travel when they migrate from Alaska to Mexico. (I also had the chance to see my first whale spout through a research team's binos, woo hoo!)

But as the Seattle P-I reports, researchers know something is already really wrong with marine life off the Oregon coast, which suffers from severely low oxygen levels or "dead zones". The question is, will wave parks add insult to injury?
Where's Anthony Michael Hall when you need him?

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