Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Watt-com era

The NYTimes had a story today comparing the Internet startup/ dot-com era of the 90's to the atmosphere surrounding energy start-ups in the Valley, what reporter Matt Richtel called the "watt-com era." (wish I'd thought of that.) The story mentioned several prominent dot-com investors who, having made their millions in high tech, are switching to "clean tech".
...high tech has given way to “clean tech,” the shorthand term for innovations that are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Less fashionable is “green,” a word that suggests a greater interest in the environment than in profit.

Oregon still laments missing the dot-com wave of investments. Our Silicon Forest still doesn't come near the level of investment and activity in the Silicon Valley. And now, having identified clean energy and sustainable industries as our new economic development strategy, I wonder if we'll be playing catch-up on clean tech as well. Will the Clean Valley be wiping up with Green Forest ?

Start-up Fervor Shifts to Energy in Silicon Valley

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