Friday, February 23, 2007


Last night at Le Roy d'Espagne pub in Brussels, after downing the biggest glass you've ever seen of Leffe blond, I met an employee of Ford Motor company, whose European division has offices in Antwerp. Feeling completely unhindered I asked him how much longer he expected to have a job. He replied that unlike the American division, Euro Ford is doing quite well.
Pardon? I asked. Pourqoui?
It's simple, he said, Euro Ford has embraced smaller more fuel efficient models. He then went on to talk about how much SUV's disgust him. Only the most wealthy Europeans drive them, he said, as a way to flaunt their wealth.
Oh, I said, SUV's in Belgium are like Hummers in America?
He would guess so, he said, though he'd never seen a Hummer in real life before.
Pardon? How can two divisions of the same company be so different? I asked. He broke it down for me, asking how much I pay for a gallon of gasoline, converting that to Liters and then adding in his country's fuel tax.
D'ac. I said. Je comprend.

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