Saturday, January 6, 2007

Gov. K's Incredible Hulk

Pixelworks CEO Allen Alley is turning badass green.
Speaking Thursday at the Oregon leadership summit in front of the state's top elected officials and business leaders he admitted that he "recoiled in horror" last year when Harvard business professor Michael Porter suggested that the key to Oregon's economic future is sustainable industries.
Then he related this little story: in 1976 as an engineer with Ford motor company, he was there when Ford was debating how to take on Honda and Toyota. Ford decided to sacrifice quality in order to cut costs and remain competitive in the global business market. That was a big mistake.
Going green may initially cost businesses more, but in the end they win customer loyalty through quality products and an environmental ethos, said Alley.
"Ford learned the hard way, in Oregon we needn't do the same," he said.
Wow. Here's the Republican former head of a wafer fabrication company saying that becoming environmentally-forward is actually a competitive advantage. And he's not the only leaders across the state are adopting sustainability as the state's new economic development priority.
"I believe it's possible to have tremendous economic growth and it is possible and in fact essential to do it in harmony with our planet," he said.
At the same meeting our Democratic Gov. K announced that Alley will be his new deputy chief of staff. I felt like I was witnessing the transformation from an ordinary business man into the incredible hulk.
Here were his final words:
"People in China do not aspire to create another soul-less urban sprawl of malls and pavement. They aspire to what we have: a thriving vibrant community that cares about each other and is building a better future for our children in harmony with our planet. I now believe our innate understanding of what is fundamental to the preservation of mankind and our planet is the essential component that will provide the foundation for our leadership in global business."

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